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Mini Lala-Oopsies Mermaid Bundle

Lalaloopsy oopsy bundle

Mini Lala-Oopsies Mermaid Bundle: Water Lily; Opal; Treasure; Anemone

Each Mermaid Bundle is individually boxed in reusable play packaging.  Dolls are 3.5″ tall and love to swim together or alone with your Lalaloopsy fan.  Opal includes a pet octopus, Water Lily, a pet jelly fish, Anemone loves her pet star fish. Treasure takes her pet crab who tries not to walk sideways! Other accessories are included with the Lalaloopsy dolls.


Lalaloopsy Bubbly Pearly Seafoam Mermaid Doll

Lalaloopsy Bubbly Pearly Seafoam Mermaid Doll



Lalaloopsy Bubbly Pearly Seafoam Mermaid Doll

Pearly Seafoam was sewn from a pearl. She searches for colorful sea glass to make necklaces for her friends. The necklaces are beautiful and all the Lalaloopsy Dolls wish for one. Sewn on May 6th, International Blowing Bubbles Day. Just squeeze the  Bubbly Pearly Seafoam Mermaid Doll and her bubble hair grows! Includes blowfish pet, bubble solution, for in or out of water.

Mini May Little Spring 2014 Spring Lalaloopsy Limited Edition

Lalaloopsy May Little Spring

Mini Lalaloopsy May Little Spring

Finally a sigh of Spring 2014…. May Little Spring is dressed in bright cheery yellow and welcomed by her Lalaloopsy fans.2014 Spring Limited Edition with a butterfly, flowers, and a bucket. She stands all of 3″ and proud to welcome the warm weather to the Magical cheery world of Lalaloopsy Land.


Lalaloopsy Doll – Winter Snowflake

Lalaloopsy snowflake

Lalaloopsy Doll – Winter Snowflake

Say goodbye to winter 2013 I hope. Winter Snowflake certainly got up time this year. This chick was made from snow and likes making snowballs with her friends who to say the least really want to see Spring … cold weather warms Snowflake’s heart. Most of the other Lalaloopsy Dolls, not so much!She was sewn on January 18th  (World Snowman Day) and loves her pet husky.



New Lalaloopsy Doll Yuki Kimono

Lalaloopsy Doll Yuki Kimono 1

Lalaloopsy Yuki Kimono Doll


Yuki Kimono, one of the Lalaloopsy Dolls 2014 was sewn from a kimono and finished on March 27th, the day of the national cherry blossom festival. She is always happy, giggles and laughs and enjoys her very special birthday and the cherry blossoms.


Lalaloopsy Lala Oopsie Doll, Large and Small

Lalaloopsy Lala Oopsie Doll Large

Lalaloopsy Lala Oopsie Dolls


Taller than the average Lalaloopsy Dolls with long twisty legs and arms.  The Lala-Oopsie Doll Princess ballerinas twirl and dance under the tangerine skies and dip their toes in the strawberry milk river. There is a little mischief in their expression that your Lala fan will love, probably because she sees the same whimsy look in the mirror! The Lala Oopsie Doll line comes in the tall version and stands 15.5″ and also the Mini Oopsie Doll, approximately 3.4″

Lalaloopsy Lala Oopsie Doll small



Lalaloopsy Pet Pals

lalaloopsy pet pals

Lalaloopsy Pet Pals

Cute and very solid, good quality. The Lalaloopsy Pet Pals are hard rubbery plastic, not a stuffed toy. Will hold up to your toddler or younger child, and cute enough for collecting for your older one. The pet that comes with the Lalaloopsy Dolls is a very important part of their popularity, matching the dolls personality.


The Lalaloopsy Worshop Dolls…Build your own

Lalaloopsy workshop Dolls

Build your own Lalaloopsy Doll for the first time ever. Comes in single or double pack. They can be combined from one doll to another. Includes everything your LaLa fan will need to make her own doll or 2,  head, torso, arms, legs, hair style, fashion and accessories. Imagination on overdrive.

Lalaloopsy Workshop Dolls



Lalaloopsy Babies

Lalaloopsy Babies Amazon

Original Lalaloopsy Dolls are now available as babies and like babies, are soft and take to bed huggable. Each Lalaloopsy baby sports a belly button and a baby bottle shaped like their pet and a hat that matches their personality makes them so special and to top it off, the sewn date is stamped on each babies butt.

Lalaloopsy Babies

Lalaloopsy Babies Amazon

The Magical Lalaloopsy Dolls

Lalaloopsy dolls original 2010

It was in October 2010 that the mass run for a certain doll begun again, at least for me and thousands of other Moms, I was soon to discover! MGA had released a doll called ”Bitty Buttons” or soon to be renamed “Lalaloopsy.”  My grown daughter tells me,” hey Mom, looks like the Lalaloopsy Dolls are going to be a big deal. Have you seen the advertisements? Reminds me of the Cabbage Patch Kid,” she says. The memory of that 1980′s doll still brings visions of long lines, crushed toes, hunger pains, tired legs, no internet or online shopping and rude people! And no doll by Christmas. I was put on a list and would be called when the next shipment arrived but it would never make it before Christmas. And it didn’t. About a week after the Holiday, my phone started to ring and I ran out to buy the only doll my daughter ever asked for x3!! Ya, I just couldn’t turn any of them down. Unlike my kid, I always loved dolls. She just loved her black big wheel racer and the neighborhood boys were so envious. Now she wants one and I couldn’t find one available. The store shelves were empty, not a Lala to be found!

I’m of the Barbie Doll generation and I did have Barbie and Ken . Have no idea what Mom did to find them.  The Cabbage Patch “sell” was the adoption papers. They were different. Each kid could not wait to open that document and compare it with friends. It really wasn’t the doll my daughter wanted, it was the adoption papers and the “sell” for the Lalaloopsy Dolls was similar. Each are made from something special and born on the day the last stitch was sewn. The story and birthdate are the “sell.” This information was packaged with each doll. The Lalaloopsy  doll was born into a magical world of strawberry rivers, colorful rainbows and forever sunshine. The 8 original dolls,  Pillow Featherbed, Spot Splatter Splash, Jewel Sparkles, Crumbs Sugar Cookie, Dot Starlight, Mittens Fluff ‘N’ Stuff, Bea Spells-A-Lot and Peanut Big Top took the market by storm and became the #1 best selling doll of the 2010 Holiday season. According to company press releases, the dolls were, “Designed to encourage a child’s imagination and creativity” and “teach important life lessons such as diversity, individuality and the idea that everything deserves a second life.”

Since the 8 original dolls, the  Lalaloopsy family has grown considerably and remains popular with kids 4+. Many adults are collectors. A variety of large and small Lalaloopsy dolls have been released since. Some soft body dolls have attracted younger kids and then there are the Silly Hair dolls in large size and also Littles . Lalaloopsy Mermaids are also available and make awesome water toys. Several Lalaloopsy themed video games are available and in 2012 and 2013 Lalaloopsy TV specials and TV series are on Nick Jr.

And best of all, online shopping is available. So if you like to shop at home or on the run with your cell phone , have your gifts delivered right to your door. is only a click away!

Mini Lalaloopsy Easter Doll- April Sunsplash – Pack of 3